mywifiext not working Mywifiext not working

Inevitably, if your mywifiext is not working, you cannot just let it go as this is the first and foremost step for accessing the WiFi extender setup page. Although, users often come with a complaint that their mywifiext is not working and they are unable to fix the issue on their own.  If you are also facing the same trouble, we are here to help you. But, before we move on with the troubleshooting steps, you need to know more about my mywifiext.

What is mywifiext?

 The web address mywifiext is a gateway to set up the extender that helps in the setup. With an extender, the user can extend the range of their current wireless router so the signals can reach every corner of the home or workplace. The mywifiext directs the users to the online web portal from where they can complete the setup process. A user can access the extender setup by visiting the web link and if mywifiext  not working, the user needs to follow some simple troubleshooting steps to fix the issue so they can access the web page and complete the extender setup for the device.

I can’t access How To Fix It?

There could be a number of possible reasons due to which mywifiext not working problem may occur. This particular section will help you to know the possible reason that can be behind the extender login page not working issue. Let’s move on and understand the issues: 

Unable to access the web page? Here are the common things you need to take care of:

  • Use the upgraded web browser to access the setup page You can choose the browser as per your preference. Just make sure that you install at least 2 or more browsers so if one is not working, you can switch to the next.

  • Clear the cache memory, browsing history from your device before you access the extender login page.

  • Check and make sure that your router is properly connected to the extender.

  • Make sure you have placed the device within the range of the router.

  • Check the Netgear extender version and update it to the latest version available.

I can’t access

Still unable to access the extender setup page? Reset The Device  Troubleshooting issue:

In case if you are still experiencing the same issue with your device or it is not performing well, you must reset the extender to its default values and then set it up again. Resetting will help you to remove all the previously made changes and modifications from the extender, so you can begin the setup process from the start. Following are the step-by-step guidelines for resetting the extender: 

  • Use the pointed pen or paper clip to press the reset button on your extender.

  • Make sure you carefully press the reset button on your device and hold it for about 20  seconds.

  • When the LED begins to link, you can pull out the paper clip or pin from the reset hole.

  • Now, let your device complete the rebooting process.

  • Once the LED becomes stable, this means your extender has been successfully reset.

Reset The Device Troubleshooting

When the user needs to set up the extender, they need to visit the setup page and follow some easy instructions to complete the process. However, there are situations when users come up with the query that their wifi extender setup page is not working. If you are also having the same trouble with your device and trying to find easy steps for troubleshooting, follow  the above-mentioned steps. These simple fixtures will help you to fix the common concerns causing the problem. Once the issue is fixed, you can continue to access the setup page and manage your extender working as per your preference. However, if nothing helps you out, we suggest you to reset the extender to its factory default settings and then set the device again following the setup guidelines.