Netgear AC750 Setup

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Here, you will know “Easy Steps for Netgear AC750 WiFi Range Extender Setup”

Netgear AC750 WiFi Range Extender Setup

Netgear AC7500 is an amazing WiFi extender used to optimize the existing home WiFi network and to extend the range of internet connections to every corner of the home or office. Once you complete the Netgear AC750 setup, you will enjoy extended WiFi speed up to 750 Mbps. It helps you in boosting your current WiFi network. 

Quick Steps for Netgear AC750 Setup

Look at the below steps for Netgear AC750 Setup using Netgear installation assistant:

  • Firstly, place your extender nearer to the router.

  • In the next step, plug in your Netgear AC750 extender into the power outlet. Turn it on and wait for some time until the Power LED light turns green.

  • Now, connect your router to the Netgear AC750 WiFi range extender.

  • Open an updated web browser of your choice from your computer, laptop, or mobile device. 

  • Type in the address bar of your browser.

  • After that, Netgear genie smart setup wizard displays on your screen.

  • Follow on-screen instructions to connect the Netgear AC750 extender to the existing WiFi network.

  • After establishing a connection, you can relocate your extender to a new place.

  • If you get an error message of a poor connection then place your extender nearer to the router and try again.

  • After finding the appropriate location for your extender, you can connect the client devices to an extended WiFi network.

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Seven Steps of Netgear AC750 WiFi Range Extender Setup

Go through the below steps to setup Netgear AC750 WiFi range extender setup using the WPS push button:

  • Place both Netgear AC750 extender and router in the same room.

  • Once done, plug your extender into the power socket.

  • Power on your extender and wait until the power LED light turns light green.

  • Find the WPS button on your extender and press the button.

  • If Link Status LED light is white then it means the established connection between the extender and router is good.

  • After that, you can place your extender in a new location where you face poor WiFi router coverage. 

  • At last, you can connect any WiFi-enabled device to the extended network.

Steps for Netgear AC750 Firmware Update

Most of the user’s complain that sometimes their WiFi extender works poorly and does not deliver the required speed. It happens due to the use of outdated firmware for your Netgear extender. So, make sure that you are using the latest firmware version. Here, are some steps to upgrade Netgear AC750 firmware:

  • The first step is to turn on your Netgear AC750 extender.

  • After that, connect your extender to the router.

  • Launch a web browser from your computer or laptop and enter in the address bar.

  • In the next step, log in to your Netgear AC750 extender by entering the username and password.

  • Now, click on the settings and then on the Firmware Upgrade option under the setting menu.

  • Click on the Check button. If any new version of firmware is available then click on the “YES” button to upgrade your firmware.

  • Now, wait for some time so that Netgear AC750 firmware updates successfully.